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The enterprise C.B.F.

I am fishing with the fly since 1982, and in 1998 I created my website with the idea to promote flyfishing in Alsace. At the end of 2009, I published the book "ombres d'automne" (graylings of autumn), about the search of trouts and graylings in the Bruche and other rivers from Europe. Since year 2005, some people asked me to initiate them about flyfishing, or to buy some of my flies. So I decided in 2010 to create the little enterprise C.B.F. (Claude Behr Favoris)

You will find in my online shop what C.B.F. offers to the fishermen: a collection of 60 models of artificial flies, some basic equipment for fishing, flyfishing introductory sessions, and holidays for fishing in Alsace and some other european countries.

If you are interested to order my flies or (and) material, please come to my Online-Shop !

For any precision, for every question, don't worry, contact me ! And have fun during visiting my website :-)

C.B.F. wishes you a lot of emotions by flyfishing, and offers to make them unforgettable :-)